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Debt Consolidation

Do you find yourself under heavy debts or under extreme financial stress? If so then it could be a good time to consider debt consolidation.

Debt Management

There are many people who find themselves in a financial crisis and have a number of loans that they are unable to make payments on


An IVA starts when an offer supporting financial state of affairs is presented to the court which is later directed to creditors.


With the current turbulent economic condition going haywire, most of the investors are left with no option other than bankruptcy.

How do you manage debt?

There comes a point in our lives when we find that we have just borrowed too much from what we can actually repay. But that is not the time that you should worry too much, one should try to find ways to combat such issues and learn from mistakes in life to move on, especially on what your purchasing power really is.

As a first step of debt management you could start by understanding what the real issue was that got you to such high debts. But do not push others for your expenditure such as the credit card company or your mom and dad blaming them for such an issue.

Begin by preparing a budget for yourself, itís simply going to help you by making you realize what you earn and what you really waste on. Subtract all the expenses from your incomes to set up a contingent plan. Be sure to be honest in the process as it is for your own good and will hence provide a more realistic budget.

Set aside a budget for making the best credit card deals; it doesnít really matter for a start how much you pay but if you donít do that the amount of interest might accumulate and it would be really unhealthy.

Best and more logical would be to get a savings account, sufficient enough to meet your expenses for up to three months; it would also help you in times of trouble when you are overloaded with debts.

Ways to counter debt issues
Relate to your budget to come up with ways to counter your debts, by perhaps listing your debts in respect to their amount of interest rates. Try to pay your highest interest rates as quickly as possible, and go for spot payments for those who have little or minute amounts to be paid. Your budget would then assist you on how to payback balances.
  • Make use of money from your savings account as the interest on your amount payable increases much higher than the amounts you get from the savings income.
  • Look for any other means of making some extra cash if you can

If simply earning more is out of question try to reduce your expenditure:

  • By considering meals at home instead of fast food chains
  • Try to be more cash oriented in your purchases.
  • Abstain from entertainment expenditures like Satellite TV or extremes speed internet.
  • Consider remortgaging your home to reduce your monthly mortgage payments

Try to avoid the same mistakes you did for your previous debts such as unfriendly credit cards. Use ones that have low interest rates and even that if worst to worst comes upon you. Check credit reports for errors and pay your dues each month. You could even opt settling for improved credit terms with your creditors. Create shopping lists when you go to a market so that you can keep away from attractive unwanted products in your cart.

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For Credit Card Holders

Credit card is a small marvel which can get you in to huge disasters. It is a ting which comes with two faces, one gives you liberty to have what you want and other gives you the depressions and stress of repaying.
Once you get out of your budget there are chances that you, once a free buyer, turn in to a bankrupt.

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